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Canadian Based, Online Shop designed to give you options a bit closer to home as well as shipping gear outside of Canada.
Naturally the focus is on hammock gear however there is other gear that can cross platforms and follow our love of the outdoors!

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***All prices are in Canadian dollars***

Shipping is a Flat rate depending on location. If the price of shipping / handling is less than the flat rate you will be refunded the difference. See Shipping Tab for more info.
Some items are custom products and can take 1-1.5 weeks to create.

If you have any questions on custom needs please contact me at littleshopofhammocks@gmail.com



Our selection of hammocks can be customize to your personal preferences! Bug nets are a necessity up where I live, but maybe you don’t need one where you are.   Either way, New Hanger feeling like it’s time to get off the ground and comfortable, or a Seasoned Veteran, who knows what they want and may have ideas for something custom – We can talk!


Customer Photo - Outdoorsman Jimmy Mac hangs in his hammock more than most - Especially when Guiding Canoe trips in Northern Saskatchewan.  Go Check out his gorgeous gallery of his travels - (Copy and paste into browser bar. )  https://www.instagram.com/jimmysask  - Also , hit him up if you're ever interested in doing a Canoe trip with some friends in Northern Saskatchewan. He provides everything, and it's on my list of to dos!

Have to stay dry and protected from the elements when you’re out there!  I make high quality tarps to keep you protected.   If you’re not sure what you’re after please contact me and I can help you with a decision.  Check out my videos section where you can see samples of tarps and my work.


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Looking for an Underquilt or a Top Quilt? – I make both!   Once you try an Underquilt, you’ll never want to go back to that slippery sleeping pad.  It’s like Laying on a fluffy cloud. Underquilts are effective because, unlike a sleeping bag, you don’t compress the insulation – so it retains it’s warmth.  Lots of options so bounce any questions you have off of me.