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WOOCS 1.1.9

This is where the premade gear is.
Scroll down below for the details and the gear and check back regularly to see what’s good to head out the door.

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When there is gear all ready to go out the door it will be listed here:

  • Stealth Blanket 1-Greenzone/Dark olive
    • The Stealth Blanket is a concept Top Quilt that I produced to bridge a need between a TopQuilt and.. a blanket.
      • Can be a Top Quilt in a hammock or in a tent.
      • Kinda like a kick ass woobie / poncho liner 🙂
      • Uses a slightly heavier outer fabric to handle abuse better.
      • Great throw for in the vehicle (winter time), pretty much anywhere.
      • Uses synthetic ClimaShield 3.6 oz insulation. Warm when wet.
      • Approx 76″ in length by 56″ wide.
      • Cinch bottom, 4 clips to create a foot box if needed.
      • Good blanket coverage.
      • Comes with a stuff sack.
      • Temperature range is approx 8* Celcius.
      • Normally $160 now at $110 while available


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GreenZone Stealth Blanket


  1. Stealth Blanket :I’ve had one of these for the past eight months and like the little fella from Charlie Brown, it follows me everywhere. It’s resting place is on my couch, often stolen by my girlfriend.. But it’s always stuffed in my bag when I leave. Between work and pleasure, I spend half my nights away from home and this is what I sleep with while away.

    It’s lightweight, warmer than you could imagine for its thickness and durable. As anything that comes out of the Little Shop, it’s quality is top notch and second to none.

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