Spider Hammock Suspension


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Spiders are a simple and lightweight way to hang your hammock.  They are a great replacement for the toggle in a marlin spike hitch.  You simply slide the Spider up and down on the webbing and hang the continuous loop or whoopie sling on the spider by passing it under and then through the jaws. Weight limit 285 pounds.  The webbing is sewn on the end so you can’t lose the Spider.

  • Spiders on:
    • 10 ‘ tree straps

As well as different ‘Bling’ to make things simpler and easier connecting the suspension to the tree.

  • Titanium Dutch Clips (set of 2)
  • Carabiners Metolius FS Mini II (set of 2)

Additional information

HardWare at the Tree

None, Carabiners, Dutch Clips


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