Toaster Classic Series Down UnderQuilts


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Toaster Outdoor Classic Series Under Quilts
The Classic series of quilts give you a durable quilt in a robust fabric. (20d)
Cosy and functional! 3 warmth ratings
Variety of Outer Colors with Black inner.
See below for more details.

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Toaster Outdoor Classic  Series

3 Ratings to choose from

  •  0C, -5C, -10C  (30, 20, 15*F)


  • Full Length Under Quilt to keep you warm in the cool weather.
    800+ HyperDri GDD Down Fill
    9 baffles lengthwise to keep the down where it should be.
  • Includes a draft collar at the foot end to aid in controlling air movement.
  • Dual Differential cut to prevent compression of the down / Closed Box Baffle design
  • 4 corner suspension with Line Loc 3’s and a foot end center adjustment to help eliminate that dreaded draft
  • -5 & -10 UQ’s come with a foot end Down Draft Collar.
  • 3 grosgrain loops along the edge to attach to your hammock / tieouts. (total of 6)
  • Temperature ratings are for the average sleeper (some sleep hot and some sleep cold), also take into account that wind can strip away heat so use a tarp to help preserve your warmth and a UnderQuilt Protector when climate conditions dictate it.  The shells have some resistance to wind and rain splash.
  • approx. dimensions: 42″x77″
  • extra 25% down added to help with proper down distribution and aid in fluffiness
    • meaning that 25% more than needed to stuff a given space. (Overstuff)
  • approx. weight in stuff sack:
    • -10*C / 15*F – 28.5 oz (2.25″ baffles, 3.5″ loft)
    • -5*C / 20* F  – 26.5 oz ( 2 ” baffles , 3″ Loft)
    • 0*C /  30*F – 22.5 oz (1.5″ baffles, 2.25″ loft)
  • No standard peripheral shock cord. I have found it’s not really needed and actually can push against the foot in some cases. However there is an optional choice for Peripheral Shock Cord if you would prefer it.  There is a channel along the sides so the option to add one later is always there! Small charge.

Question: What is the difference between the Classic and the Standard Toaster Under Quilts?

  • Different fabric.  The 3S & 20 use a Nylon Ion 20d, 1.1oz/yd Taffeta fabric. A bit more robust and super soft to the touch.
    • The heavier fabric takes a slight bit more time to loft. It’s a nice soft silky fabric.
  • A little bit narrower. 42″ Not a big difference but it matches some of the other competitors in size (42-44″)

    • when comparing to other manufacturer’s quilt these are the finished dimensions. Actually bigger than some of the most common quilts made for hammocks. (they don’t give you final dimensions – just raw cut) For Example wider than the finished Incubator.
  • Simpler Suspension design. Again, very functional and easy to set up. (4 corner adjustment plus 1 at foot middle)
    • The side channel is still there if you wish to add shock cord through it. Just doesn’t come with it std.
    • Lighter without the peripheral shock cord as well.
  • Less expensive.
  • Custom product so can take 2 weeks to make/build (check on current lead times)

Fabric Information:

  • Black Inner, Outer fabric choices: Dark Olive, Purple, Burnt Orange, Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue and Black
  • 1.1 oz/yd nylon taffeta ‘Ion’ (20d)
  • Extremely soft feel yet sturdy enough to handle your outdoor adventures.

The Video for the Classic 3S applies for the Classic 20 as well.

Additional information

Outside Color

Dark Olive, Black, Charcoal Grey, Burnt Orange, Purple, Moroccan Blue

Temperature Rating

-10*C/15*F, -6*C/20*F, 0*C/30*F

Peripheral Shock cord

No, Yes


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