Toaster ‘Z’ Top Quilts – Down Filled


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Toaster ‘Z’ Down TopQuilts

Top Quilts are a great way to stay warm, lessen pack weight and be super comfy.  No need for excess material. Top Quilts are the way to go!
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  • 800+ HyperDri GDD Down Fill
  • Combines Vertical and Horizontal Baffles to keep the down from settling off your shoulders.
  • Includes stuff Sack & mesh Storage Sack
  • Full Taper to 5″ in on foot.
  • Foot box closures using clips or sewn
    • Sewn indicates it will be sewn across the bottom and approximately 18″ up the side so the join is on the bottom of the quilt. (see picture in the gallery)
  • No Pad attachments are included. If you are wanting attachments put this in the notes

Regular – 78″ Length x  51″ width with taper  (measured uncinched) (up to 6’2″)

  • 20*F partial taper weight : 25-25.5oz
  • latest TQ :full taper weight 23.3oz in stuff sack.

Short – 74″ Length x 51″ width with taper ( measured uncinched) (up to 5’9″)

  • 20*F weight : 22.5oz
  • Wide : 54″ width (with full taper) *consider 1-2 oz of overstuff if choosing the wide

If you are requiring a wide topquilt (54″) with or without a taper please email me. Extra width requires overstuff to get the right amount of loft.

Material Information:

  • I use state of the art fabric designed for quilts. Down proof with a calendared and DWR.
    • The colors are Argon 90 weighing approx .90 oz/yard,
    • The OutdoorInk material
      • Flecktarn series: Membrane 15,  a .90 oz/yd fabric
      • Fallen Leaves : 1.0oz/yd HyperD
    • Epsilon Digital Woodland Camo (AOR2) weighs 1.55 oz/yd
  • Care of your quilt : Treat them like normal down sleeping bags. Always air them out after use. If you are on a multi-day hike spread them out on your tent or over the hammock (TQ’s) UQ’s get more air flow hanging under the hammock but still need airing. So if your taking a lunch break and it’s sunny spread them out.
    • If your quilts are soaked (for what ever reason including after washing) do NOT hang on a close line.  The weight can damage your quilt baffles. Best thing is to put them in the dryer on air fluff (no heat) with some tennis balls. Better yet the big dryers at the laundromat work great too! If you insist on air drying lay them flat over a clothes rack. (usually they allow positioning to lay them flat)
    • Do not Dry Clean.
    • Use a down approved detergent. Front load washers only!
    • Store loose in a large breathable bag. Do not store in the stuff sack.


  • Custom OutdoorINK prints are a premium fabric (cost) and add more to the cost of the quilt. This applies to the Flecktarn and Fallen Leaves quilt series.
  • If you want a OutdoorInk print on both the inner and outer contact me.
  • Custom product : 2 week approx lead time (not including shipping time)

Quick Video look at a ‘Z’ Toaster TQ

Additional information


20*F/-5*C, 30*F/0*C

Inner Color

Dark Olive, Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue, Purple, Burnt Orange, Black, Lime, Coyote Brown, Brick Red, AOR2 Digital Woodland Camo 1.55

Outer Color

Dark Olive, Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue, Purple, Burnt Orange, Black, Lime, Coyote Brown, Brick Red, AOR2 Digital Woodland Camo 1.55, OutdoorInk Pattern


Clips, Sewn


Regular (78"), Short (74")

OutdoorInk Pattern Outer

None, Winter Flecktarn, Flecktarn Camo, Fallen Leaves


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