Warrior Hammock – 11 foot


The perfect hammock for camping and hiking. Custom designed fabric, soft to the touch yet strong and sturdy. The Warrior hammock is designed to give you a nice enclosed shelter. Safe from bugs and off the ground nice and dry.

Double layer option. If you do not want a Double layer leave the selection as Not Applicable

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Warrior Camping Hammock – Integrated Bugnet Hammock

You have chosen to elevate yourself from the ground and the Warrior Hammocks are designed to give you this with their comfort, reliability and great design. Using great fabrics you can trust them whether your hiking, basic camping or canoeing to your destination.

Why pick a Warrior? The design and features of the Warrior lineup simply work great! Utilizing an 11 foot length by 58″ width the standard Warrior will accommodate up to a 5’11”- 6′ foot hanger comfortably. If your taller then check out the Warrior XL for the wider version.


  • 11′ Length / width 5′ (59″)
  • Integrated Bug-net using NanoSeeUm Bug Mesh.
    • Bugnet can be unzipped and stowed in the foot end peak. (Not totally removable)
  • Asymmetrical lay, left or right (choice upon ordering)
  • 4 Zipper Sliders – You can position openings anywhere on either side of the hammock.
  • Head and foot ends are Color Coordinated (different colors to distinguish ends)
  • UnderQuilt hooks to aid in adjusting your Underquilt 
  • .67 oz/yd nanoseeum bug mesh
  • Dyneema Ridgeline
  • Peak Triangles: Head end will be the same color as the hammock body, foot end black.
    • easy to distinguish head and foot end plus looks great!

Hammock comes with the following:

  • Hammock, Ridgeline, Silnylon double ended stuff sack & Ridgeline.

Options for hammocks are:

  • Ridgeline Organizers, Thread colors & Peak Triangle color changes
  • Weight: weight depends on the fabric you choose.
    • 1.55 oz fabric – approx 18.5 oz finished. Weight limit 210 lb
    • 1.6 oz fabric – (standard colors in the menus are 1.6oz)  approx 19 oz finished. Weight limit 265-270 lb
    • 1.9 oz fabric – approx 20 oz finished. Weight limit 275 lb
    • 2.2 oz fabric – approx 22-23 oz finished. Weight limit 330 lb
    • 2.4 oz fabric – approx 25 oz finished. Weight limit 380lb

Fabric is specially designed for hammock use. Strong and comfortable. If your approaching the limits of the recommended weight for a fabric opt up to the next fabric weight rating or opt for a double layer hammock. This will increase the firmness (less stretch) and bump up the weight rating a minimum 100lb (max 400lb)

Suspension options: There are a number of options for hanging your hammock. If you want the basic, easy/simple way to hang pick the cinch buckles.

  • Cinch Buckles : 2 cinch buckles attached to the continuous loops with (2) 12′ straps
  • Whoopie slings: (2) 6′ whoopie slings with straps (one black, one grey)

Explain the way your bugnet works on your hammocks:

  • The bugnet on the Warrior  Hammocks are designed to allow you to have openings on both sides of the hammock. Using 4 sliders you can position them anywhere. This is extremely important because it allows you to reach out either side to adjust your underquilt, grab something off the ground or just get out on either side.  You can also open half the net, flip it over or unzip the bugnet so it’s hidden up in the foot peak area.  It doesn’t come completely off but instead is super easy to zip and unzip. You aren’t fighting with zipper sliders reattaching stuff.
  • In short it is retractable but can not totally remove it.
  • Check out the video

Custom product :2 week turn around time (on average. May vary due to work load and holidays)

Additional information

Dimensions 11 in
Colour (Outer)

Dark Olive, Coyote Brown, Burnt Orange, Charcoal Grey, Black Cobalt, Brilliant Blue, Brick Red, Deep Purple, Crimson Red, Royal Purple, Woodland Camo, Flecktarn Camo 2.2, Dark Olive 2.4


Right (Head left, feet right), Left (Head Right, feet left)


None, Cinch Buckle, Whoopie Slings


Single Layer, Double Layer

Double Layer Inner Color

Not Applicable, Dark Olive, Coyote Brown, Burnt Orange, Charcoal Grey, Black Cobalt, Brilliant Blue, Brick Red, Deep Purple, Crimson Red, Royal Purple


  1. Jonathan

    I now have 2 warrior hammocks from James, and they are amazing. I’ve been in the Henessy, and I also own a cheaper Amazon hammock with Bugnet that I bought so I could hammock camp with my son. I’m happy to not have to use that thing anymore since I got a 2nd, and now my son can use the other one! Tons of room, and I’m 6’1″ 230lb, love the ridgeline organizer, and James had no problem with my weird request for a couple different color triangles on my Hammock! ( I got the Flecktarn, which is gorgeous – with a bright orange and bright green triangle at the top. ) I’ve also got 2 tarps from James and 2 of his 3/4 length underquilts – custom? Anyway, James is awesome to work with – Ask him all your dumb questions, I know I have! Looking forward to getting a full length underquilt and top quilt sometime!

  2. Richard (verified owner)

    Bought a Warrior, hexon 1.0. I’m very pleased with the fabric and color. The workmanship is superb. Very comfortable hammock. I love the zipper pull cords, very nice touch. The best online retail experience I’ve had. Excellent communication and attention to details.

  3. N. Tulloch

    · July 28, 2016
    James is amazing so helpful and makes sure you are getting the right product for you. I love my hammock so much and am so excited to take it out. Will recommend to anyone!

  4. Sid Bredin

    Sid Bredin – Ontario
    Hands down, the best online retail experience or any retail experience for that matter I’ve had and I’ve had a few in over 45 years of buying gear! James’ attention to detail, answers to my questions, suggestions and follow up was unparalleled and timely. He worked with me to ensure that I got what I wanted, did some custom work on the suspension system and even emailed me when he wasn’t satisfied with the chosen fabric from his supplier. He suggested another fabric, which is even lighter but still strong and durable. There are more than a few companies and retailers who could learn a thing or two about customer service and follow up from James!

  5. K.Bureau

    I have a LSOH hammock. And his BAT tarp. And the Razor tarp and an UQ protector in the mail from him right now! I am actually hoping to selling my Hennessy this weekend. James makes a great hammock with lots of little extras that don’t cost extra!

  6. Patrick H.

    Just wanted to send a quick message – thanks for your help in getting
    this ordered. I received it last week and took it out this weekend for
    an overnight at Three Forks near Springer Mountain (Georgia) on the
    Appalachian Trail. It was very comfortable and exactly what I was
    looking for. Certainly an upgrade from my previous two hammocks. I had
    a handful of people ask about it when they saw it set up. I’ll be sure
    to recommend LSOH to others going forward.

  7. Adam

    I purchased a Warrior from James earlier this year and have spent several comfortable nights in it. Prior to purchasing, I looked at a couple of other hammock brands. The Warrior had a lot of extras (quilt hooks, ridgeline organizer, etc) that the other brands didn’t. Being new to hammock camping, I had what felt like a lot of questions for James. He was very patient in answering all my questions and in the end, I felt very comfortable in my purchase. The construction of these hammocks is second to none and I have no doubt that I will be able to enjoy many years from mine.

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