Warrior XL Hammock – 11 foot x 64″ wide


The perfect hammock for the taller hanger!  Custom designed fabric, strong and sturdy and wider. The Warrior XL (Wide) hammock is designed to give you a nice enclosed shelter. Safe from bugs and off the ground nice and dry.
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Warrior XL (WIDE) Camping Hammock – Integrated Bugnet Hammock

You have chosen to elevate yourself from the ground and the Warrior Hammocks are designed to give you this with their comfort, reliability and great design. Using great fabrics you can trust them whether your hiking, basic camping or canoeing to your destination.

The XL model is designed to give you more space within the hammock for those with broad shoulders, taller height or simply if you want more room inside the hammock.


  • 11′ Length / width (64″)
    • The width of the hammock is set to 64″ while gives needed length for the tallest of people and lets you get diagonal easy.
  • Integrated Bug-net using NanoSeeUm Bug Mesh (.67)
    • Bugnet can be unzipped and stowed in the foot end peak. (Not totally removable)
  • Asymmetrical lay, left or right (choice upon ordering)
  • 4 Zipper Sliders – You can position openings anywhere on either side of the hammock.
  • Head and foot ends are Color Coordinated (different colors to distinguish ends)
  • Quilt Clip Points for UnderQuilts (grosgrain loops)
  • .67 oz/yd nanoseeum bug mesh
  • Dyneema Ridgeline
  • Peak Triangles: Head end will be the same color as the hammock body, foot end black.
    • easy to distinguish head and foot end plus looks great!
  • For the Taller folks over 6′

Hammock comes with the following:

  • Hammock, Ridgeline, Silnylon double ended stuff sack & Ridgeline.

Options for hammocks are:

  • Ridgeline Organizers, Thread colors & Peak Triangle color changes

There are some different options for fabrics so pick a color your interested in keeping in mind your weight rating which is listed below.

  • 1.6 oz/yd –  265 lb comfort, 285 lb limit
  • 1.7 oz/yd – 290 lb comfort, 315 lb limit
  • 1.9 oz/yd 6.6 nylon – 300 lb, 340 limit
  • 2.2 oz/yd – 300 lb comfort,  320 lb limit
  • If you want to make the hammock more firm or if you are approaching the limit you can opt for a double layer hammock.
    • Double layer bumps up the weight rating up to 400lb and also allows you to slip a pad between layers

Suspension options: Easiest way to attach your hammock to the trees are cinch buckles. However there are other options offered

  • Cinch Buckles : 2 cinch buckles attached to the continuous loops with (2) 12′ straps
  • Whoopie slings: (2) 6′ whoopie slings with straps (one black, 0ne grey

Explain the way your bugnet works on your hammocks:

  • The bugnet on the Warrior  is designed to allow you to have openings on both sides of the hammock. Using 4 sliders you can position them anywhere. This is extremely important because it allows you to reach out either side to adjust your underquilt, grab something off the ground or just get out on either side.  You can also open half the net, flip it over or unzip the bugnet so it’s hidden up in the foot peak area.  It doesn’t come completely off but instead is super easy to zip and unzip. You aren’t fighting with zipper sliders reattaching stuff.
  • In short it is retractable but can not totally remove it.
  • Check out the video

Custom product : check the main menu to see current wait times/ lead times.

Additional information

Dimensions 11 in
Colour (Outer)

Dark Olive 1.7, Burnt Orange 1.7, Charcoal Grey 1.7, Black 1.7, Black 1.6, Olive Yellow 1.6, Dark Olive 1.6, Royal Purple 1.6, Burnt Orange 1.6, Camo (Flecktarn) 2.2, Burnt Orange 1.9 6.6nylon


Single Layer, Double Layer, DL with Pad insert

Double Layer Inner Color

None, Dark Olive 1.7, Burnt Orange 1.7, Charcoal Grey 1.7, Black 1.6, Olive Yellow 1.6, Dark Olive 1.6, Royal Purple 1.6, Burnt Orange 1.6, Camo (Flecktarn) 2.2


Right (Head left, feet right), Left (Head Right, feet left)


None, Cinch Buckle, Whoopie Slings


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