Continuous Ridgeline Tarp Kit – DIY


Continuous Ridgeline DIY Tarp Kit 

All the bits and pieces to make up a simple and effective CRL for your tarp!

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Continuous Ridgeline DIY Tarp Kit 

  • Consists of:
    • 1 – Dutch Hook
    • 1 –  Titanium Dutch Flyz (1)
    • 2 – Toggles (for prussic knot to tarp D ring)
    • 2 ft of technora black for prussic knots (grabs line nicely)
    • 48′ of cordage
      • Fling It 1.7 Lime Green
  • You can either splice a CRL together or use simple overhand knots.

I will be linking up a DIY how-to in the near future.

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Line Color

Fling-it Lime Green


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