Continuous Ridgeline Tarp Kit


Continuous Ridgeline for Tarp  

CRL assembled and ready for you to set up.

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Continuous Ridgeline DIY Tarp Kit 

  • Consists of:
    • 1 – Titanium Hook
    • 1 –  Titanium Dutch Flyz (1)
    • 2 – Toggles to connect from the prussics to the tarp D rings)
    • 2 ft of technora black for prussic knots (grabs line nicely)
    • 48′ of cordage (this may be too long for your use, if so simply cut with a sharp utility knife)
      • Speed Lace – Dyneema Core Line
  • It will come assembled. No splicing required, simple knots


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Line Color

Green, Olive / Lime, Black lime/white, Navy/Grey


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