FireFly Foul Weather Winter Tarp 11.5′ (doors) SilPoly


The Firefly Tarp with doors is a great way to keep yourself protected from the elements while hanging in your hammock. Provides excellent coverage and looks good too! Very light and packs small!

  • Dark Olive available for a limited time!

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Firefly Tarp with Doors The Firefly Tarp with doors takes a step away from traditional rectangular designs and changes a basic tarp into a hanging tent for your hammock. Inside you get better protection from the elements and more privacy from other campers and nosy critters. The ends can be left open in nice weather or closed up to create an A-frame style tent that covers your hammock. When in the A-frame it’s raised from the ground to give you great coverage. The nice thing about this design is that if you want to set up a shelter just for protection from rain for lunch it can be used with hiking poles to create a basic A-frame tent on the ground. Size-wise this tarp is perfect. It can house an 11 foot hammock easily while not being quite as unwieldly  as a 12 foot tarp. 11.5′ is the perfect size for hammocks and general tarp use.

  • Made with light weight 1.1 oz/yard Silicone impregnated Polyester (SilPoly)
  • Rolled Hem, Hybrid French Seam ridgeline. Very strong.
  • Includes double end stuff sack (a little larger for stuffing vs folding)
    • weight is approx 18.5oz / 516 grams  (4 panel pulls in stuff sack without tieouts/shockcord)
  • 139″ Ridgeline  finished x 114″ width at center finished
  • Tarps are not Seam Sealed (use a silicone based seam sealer)
  • Cordage not included
  • Tarps come with Mid-panel pull outs (please note that panel pulls will need to be sealed regularly and in windy conditions used with care to prevent damage – use with shock cord)
  • Custom product – fabric ordered as needed  – email for details
  • Winter Camo pattern being used has a no repeat pattern. See image below. 

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Winter Camo, Dark Olive, Boreal Camo

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  1. Ted (verified owner)

    I bought a marpat Razor w/doors to go go with my marpat Swift but I like it so much I think I’ll keep it with my ridgerunner.
    It sets up nice and taut + it looks awesome !
    I seam sealed it with the flowable silicone and used a small paintbrush to apply it. Turned out great.

    On its second trip out we had 15 min storm of biblical proportions and excluding a small tear from a limb hitting the tarp the razor fared well. Testament to the build quality.
    The hanger next to me didn’t do so well. He had a marpat tarp from another cottage vendor with the internal pole mod and when the wind came all hell broke loose. In 10 min that tarp looked like a 150 year old Canadian flag at a Hudson Bay outpost

  2. Adam

    I purchased a Razor tarp with doors with my Warrior hammock earlier this year. While I have been fortunate enough in that I haven’t been out in any really terrible storms, I have no concerns about the construction of the tarp. The stitching is perfect on mine and all the tie outs are reinforced. It sets up easily and pulls taut with no odd sags or droops anywhere. James was really easy to deal with and answered my questions quickly and thoroughly.

  3. Doug

    I’ve had this tarp for almost a year now and have used it on several occasions. Originally I bought it because it was the largest tarp I could find and used it to cover two hammocks side by side a couple times. Even in heavy September rain while camping in Newfoundland, this tarp covered both hammocks and kept us dry.

    I’ve also used it as intended on a single hammock, as its lighter than both my smaller HH tarps. The design allows many configurations but I enjoy having one side sloped to the ground to block wind and the other straight out with hiking poles or canoe paddles to make a covered porch area. I’ve never had to button up for full protection yet, but I know when the time comes.. this tarp will be there.

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