Hammock Upgrades


Hammock Upgrades. Mesh Pockets, Ridgeline Organizers,  etc.
With purchase of a hammock in the same order.
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Hammock Upgrades : (installed on hammock only)

These are upgrades you can add to the hammock you are building. You can add multiples if you want more than one.

Cinch Buckle Hammock Suspension: (aka June Bug Cinch Buckles)

  • Cinch buckles installed on your hammock continuous loops.
  • 2 – 12 foot black polyester straps.
  • 29.99 (with a hammock purchase only)



Ridgeline Organizer

  • Will match the hammock it is being bought with.
  • In the event that there isn’t the correct fabric the RLO will be black with accent stitching matching the hammock.
  • 24.99 (with a hammock purchase only – installed)

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Cinch Buckle Suspension, Camo Bugnetting, Ridgeline Organizer, Mesh Pocket


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