Hammock Upgrades


Hammock Upgrades. Mesh Pockets, Ridgeline Organizers, Gear Lofts etc.
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Hammock Upgrades : (installed on hammock)

These are upgrades you can add to the hammock you are building. You can add multiples if you want more than one.

Cinch Buckle Hammock Suspension: (aka June Bug Cinch Buckles)

  • Cinch buckles installed on your hammock continuous loops.
  • 2 – 12 foot straps.
  • 24.99

Hammock Bugnet Mesh Upgrades:

  • Olive drab Mesh 
    • Slight Olive color to the mesh allowing it to blend in a bit more.
    • .99


  • Camo Bug Netting

    • Camo Bugnetting that looks great on any hammock.
    • 9.99


Ridgeline Organizer

  • Matching the Hammock color and light fabric
  • Double Sided and a middle opening.
  • MultiCam for the Multicam Ultralite Hammock
  • 19.99

Gear Loft 

  • Mesh Gear loft at head peak of hammock
  • Made of Mesh with an opening
  • Easy storage close at hand
  • 19.99


Mesh Side Pocket

  • Placed on the head end of the hammock opposite of the side tieout.
  • Hold small items or cords.
  • No zipper, the opening is overlapped to create a closed opening
  • 9.99


UnderQuilt Hooks

  • You can add the hooks for quilts on your Gravity hammock here
  • 4 units
  • 4.99


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Cinch Buckle Suspension, Olive Drab Bugnetting, Camo Bugnetting, Ridgeline Organizer, Gear Loft, Underquilt Hooks, Mesh Pocket


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