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DutchWare’s Xenon Hex Tarp -Blaze Orange

  • DutchWare’s Xenon Hex Tarp is a lightweight and durable hex tarp made from Xenon Sil 1.1. The fabric is reinforced with a ripstop grid, the tieouts are reinforced with grosgrain, the ridgelines are enclosed in grosgrain, and it includes 1/2″ beastee d-rings on the four corner tieouts and 1″ beastee d-rings for the ridgeline.

    Xenon is a polyester silicone fabric that has little to no stretch, which allows your tarp to stay pitched nice and tight.

    Ridgeline Length: 144 inches (12 ft)

    Width: 9.5 ft
    Weight: Aprox 14oz

    Single Opening stuff sack

    Tieouts: 4 corner and 2 ridgeline

    Our Xenon Hex Tarp for sale is perimeter-loaded to stay taut. It has reinforced corners with beastee d-rings on all tieouts. The grosgrain ridgeline also includes beastee d-rings at the end for tieouts. To complement its light weight with strength, Xenon fabric is designed with ripstop reinforcement to ensure the tarp does not tear or rip easily. And when you’re ready to head home, the Xenon Tarp neatly packs into a small bag for easy transport.

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DW Blaze Orange 12' Hex Tarp