Ready to Ship Tarps


This is where the premade tarps can be found.

Scroll down below for the details and the gear and check back regularly to see what’s ready to head out the door.

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When there are tarps ready to ship they will be found here

Purple Razor Hex Tarp – Ready to ship

  • Purple
  • 11′ ridgeline x ~9.25′ wide
  • double ended stuff sack for easy stuffing.
  • 1.1 oz/yd Silpoly (silicone impregnated polyester)
  • There are 3 tie outs per side (ground edges) plus ridgeline ties
  • Has not been seam sealed along ridgeline / pulls
  • hybrid french seam for Ridgeline and rolled hems.
  • Note: non door tarp
  • 380g / 13.4oz in the stuff sack.
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  • Ready to Ship!