Toaster Classic Wide Top Quilts


Classic Toaster WIDE Down TopQuilts
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Top Quilts made to replace sleeping bags on the ground.
Same design as the Premium Toaster Z- Quilt using 800FP white duck down and a combination of 1.1 oz/yd calendared nylon (Ion) fabric outer with Argon 90 (.90) inner.
800FP+ Canadian Hutterite White Duck Down (WDD) 
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The Classic Topquilt Toaster Wide  – series of quilts 

The wide top quilts are designed to replace traditional style sleeping bags on the ground on pads. (can also be used in hammocks)

Why Top Quilts rather than sleeping bags? Short answer is that any insulation that is compressed doesn’t retain it’s heat/insulation level. So it’s extra weight and bulk that you end up carrying. So whether it’s in the hammock or on the ground simply pulling a top quilt over you with the built in foot box makes things easy and keeps you warm.

The Classic Toaster – is designed with a combination of horizontal and vertical baffles. The design keeps the down from shifting/moving off your shoulders creating cold spots. It keeps the down where you need it, keeping you warm. Around the feet the baffles create a cozy warm footbox.

The Classic TQ combines a 20d outer and a 15d inner fabric. This allows the quilt to loft a bit quicker than using 20d/20d. It also saves a little bit of weight.


  • 800+ Canadian Hutterite White Duck Down (WDD)
  • 20d calendared outer taffeta fabric with a DWR providing some water protection (1.1 oz/yd)
  • 15 D inner fabric (DWR)
  • Includes stuff Sack & mesh Storage Sack
  • All have a Cinch bottom foot box with zipper.
  • Offset neck cinch cord.
  • Mild differential between layers at the shoulders (helps to prevent compression of down)


  1. Temperature (ratings are based on loft / baffle filled with down to achieve a desired temperature range)
    • 3 temperature ranges to pick :
      • 30°F (0°C), 20°F (-6°C) & 10°F(-12°C)
      • If you are a cold sleeper (or have poor circulation pick the next warmer rating)
  2. Length
    • Tall (80″) Fits people over 5’9″
    • Regular (76″) Fits people approximately 5’9″
      • The quilts are designed to pull up to your chin. If you wish to cover your head pick the next longer quilt
  3. Width – The measurements of the Topquilts have changed to compare accurately with other manufacturers of topquilts. Typically you will see the following “ with quilt pulled tight ” which means this is the measurement of the quilt before it is filled.
    • 58″ (previously 55″) – Can be used on the ground (in conjunction with a pad) and still be able to sleep on your side. Also nice if you are a larger person and need more room.
    • 55″ for use in the hammock.
  4. Taper 
    • Full Taper : A full taper narrows in from the top to the bottom narrowing inwards 5″ at the bottom.
    • Partial taper: A Partial taper starts to taper in at approximated 3 feet from the bottom. This gives you more room to sleep on your side in fetal position bringing your knees up. It is still possible to do this with a full taper, however a partial taper adds a bit more room.
  5. Down Fill
    • 800 Fill Power Canadian Hutterite White Duck Down
  6. Loops
    • Loops can be sewn in to allow attachment to a shock cord/pad.
    • Pad straps are optional and can be added in the Quilt Options Menu

Topquilt Fill

Toaster Topquilt 800FP Goose Down weight no stuff sack
30°F 58″Width approx.
76″ Length 14.6 oz 24oz
80″ Length 15.9 oz 26.5oz
20°F 58″ Width
76″ Length 17.5 oz 28.2oz
80″ Length 18.5 oz 29.75oz
10°F 58″ Width
76″ Length 19.5 oz 30.9oz
80″ Length 20.5 oz 32.75oz


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Quick Video look at a ‘Z’ Toaster TQ

Additional information

Inner Color

Burnt Orange, Black, Charcoal Grey

Outer Color

Dark Olive, Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue, Purple, Burnt Orange, Poppy Red, Black


10*F/-12*C, 20*F/-5*C, 30*F/0*C


Tall (80"), Regular (76")


Standard full taper, Partial taper


58", 55"

Pad loops

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