Toaster Classic Series Down UnderQuilts


Toaster Outdoor Classic Series Under Quilts Premium quilts to keep you warm in your hammock! See below for more details.

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Toaster Outdoor Classic UnderQuilt Series The Toaster series of quilts are a premium quality piece of outdoor gear. From the ground up their are designed to hold down in place and keep you warm in the outdoors. Underquilts are designed to provide great warmth attached to the underside of your hammock. This allows you to ditch your pad and sleep in your hammock with ease.

  • The UQ simply clips onto your ends of the hammock (loops) with S biners (included).
  • Line Loc 3’s allow you to adjust the quilt to your hammock simply by cinching up the shock cord in the corners. End channel shock cord allows you to close up the ends keeping the air movement out.
  • These premium quilts implement a closed baffle design. There are no gaps on the ends that let down move chamber to chamber unlike other vendor’s quilts.
  • All of the quilts are overstuffed by 20% more down. This helps in maintaining loft over time. Sizing of the UQ’s is post sewn dimensions. This means that the measurements are taken with the item filled with down. When comparing to other quilt vendors please note that their measurements are taken before filling so there is shrinkage.
  • 4 Temperature ratings to choose from  (Please note that wind can play a factor in the warmth of your gear. Tarps and UnderQuilt Protectors work wonders to maintain the ratings)
    • 0C / 30*F – Summer Quilt ( 22.5oz -2.10″ loft)
    • -6C / 20*F – 3 Season Quilt (26.8oz – 2.75″ loft)
      • 4/5/2018 25.4oz / 719 grams (not including stuff sack)
    • -10C/10*F – 4 Season Quilt (28.8 oz)
    • -16C / 0*F – 4 Season Quilt (30-31 oz)


  • *New 800+ White Duck Down Fill 9 baffles lengthwise to keep the down where it should be.
  • 20d nylon calendared fabric (approximately 1.1oz/yd)
  • Includes a draft collar at the foot end to aid in controlling air movement.
  • Dual Differential cut to prevent compression of the down
  • 4 corner suspension with Line Loc 3’s and a foot end center adjustment to help eliminate that dreaded draft & peripheral shock cord
  • 3 grosgrain loops along the edge to attach to your hammock / tieouts. (total of 6)
  • Dimensions: 
    • Regular 44″x77″
  • Comes with a silnylon stuff sack and Storage bag (new June 18/18).

Question: What is the difference between the Classic and the Standard Toaster Under Quilts?

  • The difference between the Premium Toaster and the Classic UQ is fabric.  The Classic’s uses a slightly heavier, more robust 20d fabric (1.1 oz/yd). Also, the down is 800 FP vs 850fp.

Why do you have some different colors only available for the inner layer (not available for the outer layer)

  • The Ion fabric is calendared and pretty air tight. It does breathe however and two layers of the same fabric (Ion) makes it slow to loft up. The inner colors are calendared lightly to help with lofting and proper breathing ability for the down. 

Care of your quilt : See the FAQ

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Additional information

Temperature Rating

0*C/30*F, -6*C/20*F, -12*C/10*F, -16*C/0*F

Outside Color

Black, Charcoal Grey, Dark Olive, Poppy Red, Burnt Orange

Inner Color

Black, Charcoal Grey, Poppy Red, Burnt Orange


  1. Colin

    I purchased a -10C quilt in March, and have been able to use it many times since. I’ve used the quilt down to 2°C, and found it kept me perfectly comfortable (used in conjunction with a 0C top quilt). This product fits my Hennessy very well, is easy to set up, and is extremely well made. I originally thought I wanted peripheral shock cord, but the four corner suspension on the quilt works perfectly on its own. The top and bottom quilt combo is the best setup I’ve found.

    Customer service is top notch. I only wish I had come here for my top quilt as well.

  2. Doug

    I’ve been using my 0°C under quilt for over a year now with nothing but warm nights. As suggested, set up the hammock in your yard and have someone help you make the adjustments to its set to your preferences. Once you hit the field, its just a matter of clipping on the S biners and you’re all set.

    Does it keep you warm? In summer months I slept in underwear with no top quilt (brought one, didnt need it) and in the cooler spring and fall my Top quilt from James completed the set up. Have no doubts about the quality of the material or workmanship, and if you’re like me and skeptical that something so light can be so warm, rest assured it is THAT warm.

  3. C.Pascal

    Just came back from a one week canoe camping trip while using the 20F toaster UQ and wow! I never sleep that warm in a hammock since I started hammock camping three years ago. The quality of the product in seriously amazing, the two friends that came with me were amazed on how easy it is to setup this UQ. Thank you very much sir and i’ll definitively buy a top quilt from you in the near future.
    Quebec. Canada

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