Toaster ‘Z’ TopQuilts – XL and Regular


Toaster ‘Z’ WIDE Down TopQuilts
Top Quilts made to replace sleeping bags on the ground.
Designed to take up less room and save weight in your pack. Used in conjunction with an insulated pad.
900 & 800 Fill Power Canadian Hutterite White Goose / Supreme Loft Down 
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The Toaster Wide an Regular series of quilts – Premium quality outdoor gear.

Top quilts are designed to replace traditional style sleeping bags on the ground on pads. (can also be used in hammocks)

Why Top Quilts rather than sleeping bags? Short answer is that any insulation that is compressed doesn’t retain it’s heat/insulation level. So it’s extra weight and bulk that you end up carrying. So whether it’s in the hammock or on the ground simply pulling a top quilt over you with the built in foot box makes things easy and keeps you warm.

The Toaster Z- is designed with a combination of horizontal and vertical baffles. The design keeps the down from shifting/moving off your shoulders creating cold spots. It keeps the down where you need it, keeping you warm. Around the feet the baffles create a cozy warm footbox.


  • 900WGD+ FP and 800 FP Canadian Hutterite White Down 
  • 15d calendared fabric with a DWR providing water resistance (.90 oz/yd)
  • Includes stuff Sack 
  • Comes with a silnylon stuff sack.
    • Please store loosely when not in use (Pillow case or laundry bag – etc.)
  • All have a Cinch bottom foot box with zipper.
  • Offset neck cinch cord.


  1. Temperature (ratings are based on loft / baffle filled with down to achieve a desired temperature range)
    • 3 temperature ranges to pick :
      • 30°F (0°C), 20°F (-6°C) & 10°F(-12°C)
      • If you are a cold sleeper (or have poor circulation pick the next warmer rating)
  2. Length for more information on measurements see the FAQ further down in the listing
      • The quilts are designed to pull up to your chin. If you wish to cover your head pick the next longer quilt
    • XTall (85″)
    • Tall (82″) Fits people  6’2-3”
    • Regular (78″) Fits people approximately 5’9″
    • Short (73″) Fits people under 5’6″
  3. Width – The measurements of the Topquilts have changed to compare accurately with other manufacturers of topquilts. Typically you will see the following “ with quilt pulled tight ” which means this is the measurement of the quilt before it is filled. *See FAQ further down for more information
    • 58″  Can be used on the ground (in conjunction with a pad) and still be able to sleep on your side. Also nice if you are a larger person and need more room.
    • 55″ is the minimum you would want to go for a ground quilt. Smaller build or a stationary sleeper may find this perfect as well this works great in a hammock.
    • 52″ is Recommended for a hammock use only
  4. Taper 
    • Down fill is calculated using a full taper. If you wish to have a partial taper please add an extra oz of overstuff to provide proper fill density
    • Full Taper : A full taper narrows in from the top to the bottom narrowing inwards 6″ at the bottom edges. This helps to prevent excess air space in the foot box.
    • Partial taper: A Partial taper starts to taper in at approximated 3 feet from the bottom. This adds a bit more room to move about.
      • If you choose the partial taper please add an extra oz of down to your order to compensate for the extra space in the side baffles.
  5. Down Fill
    • 900+ Fill Power Canadian White Goose Down (WGD)
    • 800+ Fill Power Canadian SupremeLoft Down (WDD)
    • Differences between fills:
      • Higher fill power requires a bit less down so it will be a bit lighter and a bit less bulky in your pack.
      • 800 FP will be a bit less expensive
  6. Neck Draft Collar
    • A small draft collar to keep heat from escaping from around the neck. Handy on those colder nights.
    • With warmer weather quilts it might be overkill and harder to vent.
    • Will add an 1-1.5 oz to final weight
  7. Loops
    • Loops can be sewn in to allow attachment to a shock cord/pad.
    • Pad straps are optional and can be added in the Quilt Options Menu
  8. FootBox 
    • Zipper / cinch
      • Allows you to open up the quilt totally like a blanket.
      • Easy venting and drying.
      • Slightly heavier with the zipper.
      • Zipper is approximately 23″ in Length
    • Hybrid Cinch/Sewn
      • The bottom uses a cinch for closing the footbox (at the end) and sewing up the length of the quilt 25″ removing the bottom zipper.
      • This allows for easy ventilation and simple airing out the quilt after use.
      • If you don’t plan on opening up the quilt like a blanket but like to have the option to vent it more easily.
      • slightly lighter with the zipper removal
  9. Printed Patterns are available for an additional charge.
    • All new prints will be utilizing Print2Fabric.
    • Please use the Camo Upgrade if you wish for an outer in Boreal Camo, Winter Flecktarn or Fall Flecktarn Camo


  • Actual Measurements:
    • The standard measurements for quilts (all vendors) is to report the measurements in raw form. So once the quilt is sewn and then stuffed the actual measurements will be less. 3-5″ for both length and width. This will depend on the temp rating for the quilt as the edge form an approximate outer baffle.
      • For example a 20° quilt uses 2″ baffles so as the quilt fills with down you lose 2″ per side and some for the down filling the quilt higher than the baffle (loft).
      • Higher rated (for example 0°F) will be affected the most by this measurement since the baffles are the widest/tallest.
    • This standard is kept so that comparing quilts across brands is equal.

Colours: 15D

Brilliant Blue
Brick Red
Burnt Orange
Charcoal Grey
Lime Green
Moroccan Blue
Dark Olive (out of stock, choose forest green)
Woodland Camo
Forest Green (not shown, dark evergreen tree green)


Topquilt Fill


Toaster Topquilt 900FP Goose Down down fill(oz) down fill(oz) down fill 58″ weight w/o stuff sack
30°F  51″ Width 55″ Width 58″ Width
73″ Length 9.5 11.5 13.3 oz 20.5 oz
78″ Length 10.5 12.5 14.3 oz 21.5 oz
82″ Length 11.5 13.5 15.3 oz 22.5 oz
85″Length 12.5 14.5 16.3 oz
20°F  51″ Width 55″ Width 58″ Width
73″ Length 12.5 13.75 16.3 oz 24.5 oz
78″ Length 13.5 14.75 17.3 oz 25.5 oz
82″ Length 14.5 15.75 18.3 oz 26.5 oz
85″Length 15.5 16.75 19.3 oz
10°F  51″ Width 55″ Width 58″ Width
73″ Length 14.2 15.5 18.3 oz 27.75 oz
78″ Length 15.3 16.5 19.3 oz 28.75 oz
82″ Length 16.5 17.5 20.3 oz 29.75 oz
85″Length 17.5 18.5 21.3 oz
0°F  51″ Width 55″ Width 58″ Width
73″ Length 16 17 21.7 oz 31.5 oz
78″ Length 16.75 18.5 22.7 oz 32.5 oz
82″ Length 17.75 20 23.7 oz 33.75 oz
85″Length 18.75 21.25 24.7 oz
Toaster Topquilt 800FP Duck Down down fill down fill down fill 58″ weight w/o stuff sack
30°F 51″ Width 55″ Width 58″ Width
73″ Length 10.25 12.5 14 oz 21.0 oz
78″ Length 11.25 13.5 15 oz 22.0 oz
82″ Length 12.25 14.5 16 oz 23.0 oz
85″Length 13.3 15.5 17 oz
20°F  51″ Width 55″ Width 58″ Width
73″ Length 13.25 15 17 oz 25.0 oz
78″ Length 14 16 18 oz 26.0 oz
82″ Length 15 17 19 oz 27.0 oz
85″Length 16 18 20 oz
10°F  51″ Width 55″ Width 58″ Width
73″ Length 15.25 16.25 19.0 oz 28.75 oz
78″ Length 16 18 20.0 oz 29.75 oz
82″ Length 17 19 21.0 oz 30.75 oz
85″Length 18.25 20.25 22.5 oz
0°F 51″ Width 55″ Width 58″ Width
73″ Length 17 oz 18.5 22 oz 32.5 oz
78″ Length 18 oz 19.5 23 oz 33.5 oz
82″ Length 19 20.75 24 oz 34.5 oz
85″Length 20.25 22 25.5 oz



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Quick Video look at a ‘Z’ Toaster TQ

Additional information


0°F/-16°C, 10*F/-12*C, 20*F/-5*C, 30*F/0*C

Down Type

900FP WGD, 800FP WDD


XTall, Tall, Regular, Short


58", 55", 51"

Outer Color

Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue, Purple, Burnt Orange, Lime, Brick Red, Black, Woodland Camo, Pink, Yellow, Brilliant Blue, Forest Green, Flectarn Fall Camo 15D

Inner Color

Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue, Purple, Burnt Orange, Lime, Brick Red, Black, Pink, Yellow, Brilliant Blue, Forest Green


Standard full taper, Partial taper

Sleeping Pad Loops

No thanks, Yes

Foot Box

zipper/cinch, Hybrid cinch/sewn


  1. K***n

    Got it. Luuuuuv it! No comparison to my hubbys EE Revelation 20!!!! Yours is far superior! Thank you so much!

  2. J. E******n

    The quilt performed so we’ll this weekend. I’m so happy with it. The straps worked perfectly with no mods, just needed to get used to it. This pic was from this morning. Taken along the Thompson River near Ashcroft BC. Looks like the wild West

  3. Dennis “Peppy”

    I own 2 TQ’s from LSOH and can say they are easily the puffiest I have ever owned! I’ve never had a quilt loft up like these, and am extremely pleased with the quality and attention to detail! You will not be disappointed in this gear! My favorite by far! Just had them both out and the wind chill was 6 degrees. I can assure you, my 15 and 20 degree quilts outperformed their ratings! Thank you James!

  4. Doug Spencer

    Stealth Blanket :I’ve had one of these for the past eight months and like the little fella from Charlie Brown, it follows me everywhere. It’s resting place is on my couch, often stolen by my girlfriend.. But it’s always stuffed in my bag when I leave. Between work and pleasure, I spend half my nights away from home and this is what I sleep with while away.
    It’s lightweight, warmer than you could imagine for its thickness and durable. As anything that comes out of the Little Shop, it’s quality is top notch and second to none.

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