Toaster ‘Z’ Top Quilts – Down Filled


Toaster ‘Z’ Down TopQuilts

Premium Top Quilts designed for both hammock and ground use. TQ’s are a great way to stay warm, lessen pack weight and be super comfy.  No need for excess material. Top Quilts are the way to go!
850+FP GGD & 800+FP WDD available (new!)
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The Toaster series of quilts are a premium quality piece of outdoor gear.

From the ground up their are designed to hold down in place and keep you warm in the outdoors. Warmth ratings are actual ratings, not ‘EN or survival’ ratings. The top quilts are designed to replace traditional style sleeping bags in your hammock and also for use on the ground on pads.

Why Top Quilts rather than sleeping bags? Short answer is that any insulation that is compressed doesn’t retain it’s heat/insulation level. So it’s extra weight and bulk that you end up carrying. So whether it’s in the hammock or on the ground simply pulling a top quilt over you with the built in foot box makes things easy and keeps you warm.

The Toaster Z- is designed with a combination of horizontal and vertical baffles. The design keeps the down from shifting/moving off your shoulders creating cold spots. It keeps the down where you need it, keeping you warm. Around the feet the baffles create a cozy warm footbox.


  • 850+ Grey Goose Down (GGD) Down Fill & 800+ White Duck Down (WDD)
  • .90 oz/yd calendared fabric with a DWR providing some water protection.
    • The specialty print fabric uses 1.0 oz/yd fabric adding a slighter weight trade-off for a great print/pattern (This is a more expensive fabric to produce and hence the price increase)
  • Includes stuff Sack & mesh Storage Sack
  • Taper: Angles in from full width at the top to 5″ in on each side at the foot.
  • Partial Taper: Angles from approx. 3′ from the bottom.
  • Foot box closures using clips or sewn
    • Sewn indicates it will be sewn across the bottom and approximately 20″ up the side so the join is on the bottom of the quilt. (see picture in the gallery)

Top Quilt Sizing:

  • Dimensions are taken with the quilt fabric pulled semi-tight.
  • Keep in mind down loft will shrink the dimensions a few inches.
  • If you want to be able to cover your head pick the next size up.

Examples of past sizing/weight.

stuff sacks are approx  .7 oz / 20 grams

Tall – 80″ Length x 51″ width with taper (measured uncinched)

  • For people taller than 6′

Regular – 76″ Length x  51″ (narrow) width with taper  (measured uncinched)

  • For people up to 6′
  • 20°F : Narrow / partial taper weight : 25-25.5oz in stuff sack (.7oz)
  • 20°F : Narrow / full taper weight 23.3oz in stuff sack (.7oz).
  • 20°F : Narrow / reg – partial taper : 22.8 oz / 646 grams (no stuff sack)

Regular – 10° – 76″x 55″ (wide w/full taper) sewn bottom : 24oz/680 grams (no stuff sack)

Short – 73″ Length x 51″ width with taper ( measured uncinched) (up to 5’7″)

  • 20°F :narrow/ short – full taper 22.5oz in stuff sack (.7oz)
  • 20°F :narrow / short – partial taper : 21.7 oz / 614 grams

Ground Quilts / Top Quilts

  • If you are purchasing a Top Quilt for use on the ground then you should consider a wide quilt (55″).
  • Another option that will give you a bit more coverage on the ground is a partial or no Taper.
    • A partial taper doesn’t angle towards the feet till approximately half way down the quilt. It will give more room to toss and turn around at the hips.
    • No taper is simply a rectangular quilt (when laid flat) Giving more room in the feet and hips area. This may help if you have larger feet or a larger frame.
  • If you choose to go with a wider quilt you should add an additional 1 oz of down from the down overstuff item in the menu.
  • Weight examples:
    • TQ 40° 75 x 55″ – 16 oz (no stuff sack) / 454g

See the FAQ for Quilt Care

Fabric weights: End weights will vary depending on fabric chosen. Weights given above are using .90oz/yd fabric.

  • Argon 90 – .90oz/yd
  • Multicam 1.3 oz fabric (slightly heavier but the lightest genuine Multicam fabric for quilts)

Care of your quilt :

Custom product :Check out the current wait time in the menu

Quick Video look at a ‘Z’ Toaster TQ

Additional information

Inner Color

Dark Olive, Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue, Purple, Burnt Orange, Lime, Brick Red, Black, Coyote Brown

Outer Color

Dark Olive, Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue, Purple, Burnt Orange, Lime, Brick Red, Black, Coyote Brown, Woodland Camo, Multicam 1.3


10*F/-12*C, 20*F/-5*C, 30*F/0*C, 40*F/5*C


Clips, 22" #3 zipper, Sewn


Tall (80"), Regular (76"), Short (72")


51", 55"


Standard full taper, Partial taper, No Taper

Down Fill

850fp GGD, 800fp WDD


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