Warrior Spring Special Hammock


Warrior Spring Special Hammock 

A great camping hammock set up with the fixings and trimmings
11 foot x 58″ width in a 1.6 oz/yd Hexon ripstop – Limited stock available.
While supplies last.
See below for more details

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At Little Shop of Hammocks we designed the hammock from the ground up. Careful consideration goes into fabrics, design and function. Hammock camping is a fantastic way to experience camping in the outdoors whether you are car camping, canoeing or hiking. Each hammock is individually sewn. No cookie cutter pieces stuck on to cookie cutter blanks. This is where the difference is between the Warrior and other hammocks on the market.

Fabric is specially chosen for hammock use as are YKK zippers and strong internal components. The Warrior comes with underquilt hooks standard to help set up your UnderQuilt (or future UQ)

If you would like to customize the color of the netting or the triangles of the peaks on your hammocks you can do so in the custom work section.

All hammocks are priced without a suspension. If you need a suspension you can choose whoopie slings or a cinch buckle suspension.

Utilizing an 11 foot length by 58″ width the standard Warrior will accommodate up to a 5’11”- 6′ foot hanger.

The Warrior Special
Comes with the following features:

  • 11′ Length x width 58” (Full size integrated hammock)
  • Integrated Bug-net using NanoSeeUm Bug Mesh.
  • #5  YKK Zipper with 4 zipper sliders
  • Warrior style netting for easy access on either side of the hammock (and pulling the net back)
  • Comes with clip hooks for UnderQuilts standard and hammock pull outs.
  • Dyneema  Ridgeline & 7/64 Amsteel Continuous Loops
  • Nylon Hexon 1.6oz/yd Fabric in your choice of colors (while supplies last)
    • 265 lb weight limit.
  • Asymmetrical lay  -Most people are right lay (95%)
    • left lay : in relation to the ridgeline your head is to the right and the feet to the left of the RL
    • right lay : in relation to the ridgeline your head is to the left and the feet to the right of the RL
    • Stuff Sack: Silnylon stuff sack with 2 openings for easy access to your hammock.


  • Approx 18 oz.

Hammock comes with the following:

  • Hammock,  Ridgeline & Silnylon double ended stuff sack

Custom product. Christmas special hammocks may be subjected to a slightly extended wait time.

The videos show the standard bugnet below and the Swift style in the second video.

Additional information

Dimensions 11 in

Right (Head left, feet right), Left (Head Right, feet left)


Dark Olive, Burnt Orange, Cobalt Black, Moroccan Blue


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