Warrior UltraLite Hammock


The Warrior UltraLite Hammock
Looking for a super durable hammock designed for lightweight hiking and backwoods use? The UL Warrior is the hammock for you. Packs small and light but doesn’t give up anything in comfort, size or use.
*New Option to use a 1.6 oz/yd fabric and have the UL Warrior Design
See below for more details

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The Warrior UltraLite Hammock – MultiCam & 1.3 Nylon 6.6

The UltraLight Warrior is a full size hammock designed to pack smaller and lighter in your backpack or drybag. It is a fantastic piece of kit and maintains comfort for sleeping as well as durability compared to some of the super crazy light fabrics out there. That being said 1.3oz/yd fabric is still considered an ultralight fabric so you need to take care of it and make sure it doesn’t come into contact with sharp objects, rocks or things that could create wear. 

UltraLight : What does that mean to me? Going lighter isn’t always better. Fabrics are chosen to handle a specific load. If you push the limit the fabric can fail. Period. So instead of picking the ‘lightest possible fabric ever’, choose the best fabric for your specific weight and build.  Treat the gear like it’s gold. Don’t toss it around, don’t drag it on the ground when packing up and never wear your shoes in your hammock. Pets? No, absolutely not. Consider it similar to climbing gear. Check it each time you go out (before you leave), if it shows wear replace it. If your not sure, ask. Dry it, keep it clean and it should last quite a few years. If you want something to be more bombproof choose a thicker, heavier fabric.

* New : Will use a Hexon 1.6 oz/yd fabric for the Warrior UL. Let’s face it, not everyone is toned down to handle the 220lb weight limit but still wants an UL option to shave off an oz or two on pack weight. The width will be 62″ with an Edge cut same as the original fabric is.

What is different from the normal Warrior hammock?

  • The UL Warrior has a 62″ width (vs 58″ on the warrior and 64″ on the wide) as well as the Edge cut which removes excess floppy fabric and totally customizes the experience. This hammock is designed to be a hiking hammock. Saves weight and bulk. If you are wanting a basic hiking, camping, lounging hammock check out the standard Warrior or the XL.
  • Lighter/smaller zipper (#3) and lighter components.
  • Does not come with the tie out cordage as most UL Hikers do not use them however the tie-outs are still sewn onto the hammock.

Comes with the following features:

  • Dimensions: 11′ x 62″ (Full size integrated hammock)
  • Edge Cut to minimize floppy fabric and to save a bit of weight.
  • Integrated Bug-net using NanoSeeUm Bug Mesh. (.67oz /yd)
  • #3  YKK Zipper with 4 zipper sliders
  • Warrior style netting for easy access on either side of the hammock.
  • Asymmetrical lay, left or right (choice upon ordering)
  • Comes with clip hooks for UnderQuilts standard.
  • Dyneema Ridgeline (112″ length) & 7/64 Amsteel Continuous Loops
  • 3* fabrics choices:
    • Hex Grid Nylon 1.3 oz/yd 6.6 nylon fabric
      • Glacier Blue, Charcoal Dark Grey & Dark Olive
      • 220 lb weight limit
    • MultiCam 1.3 oz/yd nylon fabric.
      • 220 lb weight limit.
    • Hexon 1.6 oz/yd fabric.
      • 285 lb weight limit.

Weight: There may be some slight variation depending on extra choices selected.

  • MultiCam – Approx 13.8 oz (390g)
    • Optional RL organizer adds 1 oz
    • Camo Netting adds 1.5-1.75 oz
  • Hexon 1.6 oz/yd

Hammock comes with the following:

  • Hammock,  Ridgeline & Silnylon double ended stuff sack
  • Ridgeline Organizer is optional and can be added to your hammock in the Hammock Upgrades menu
  • (Tie-out cordage does not come with the UL Hammock.)

*please note this is an UltraLight fabric so be careful of sharp objects in your pockets, keys etc.
No shoes in the hammock, no sharp items in your pockets. Failure of the fabric due to misuse is not covered in anyway.

Custom product. See top menu for current lead times.

Additional information

Dimensions 11 in

Right (Head left, feet right), Left (Head Right, feet left)


Glacier Blue 1.3, Dark Olive 1.3, Charcoal Grey 1.3, Multicam 1.3, Hexon 1.6 Dark Olive, Hexon 1.6 Burnt Orange, Hexon 1.6 Red, Hexon 1.6 Grey, Hexon 1.6 Moroccan Blue, Hexon 1.6 Forest Green, Hexon 1.6 Brilliant Blue, Hexon 1.6 Purple

Hammock Options

None, Ridgeline Organizer, Gear Loft, RLO and GL


  1. Dennis “Peppy”

    I have the pleasure of owning two of these from LSOH! One is the 1.3 Multicam, the other is the 1.55 AOR2. These are well made, and the attention details are incredible! Sewing is expert, and it seems everything on these is meant for a purpose! Thanks for great gear that always exceeds expectations!

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