Crazy Fun Links

Dutchware : The amazing company that makes great fabrics and Titanium Bling.  If your wanting some Dutchware bling check out their site, let me know what your looking at and I can bring it in. Often the Titanium bling fits in an envelope and ships for $1.80 to your door.

Dutchware Website


Hammock Camping Canada: A group on Facebook for Canadian Hangers who would like to see some more Canadian content.


Devon Howton’s  – Devon Outdoors
Devon’s an outdoor enthusiast who is going to be starting the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) this spring (2018).
Based out of Calgary Alberta!
I have provided Devon with a Little Shop of Hammocks UltraLight Swift hammock for his hike.
You can follow his adventure on his page, see his loadout and videos.


Matty Outdoors – Outdoor Enthusiast 

Matty is based out of Edmonton Alberta and is a true hiking / outdoors enthusiast.
Great pictures and adventures. You can check out his facebook page, instagram and YouTube account
Facebook – Matty Outdoors

Matty Outdoors- Youtube