Warrior ‘Edge’ Hammock


Warrior ‘Edge’ – A totally customized hammock experience.
Utilizing a unique cut to the fabric, the Edge saves you weight, bulk and gets rid of excess flapping fabric.  Designed for all hangers this wider design works fantastic!  Only available at Little Shop of Hammocks
Great for all user heights!
All items are custom order and lead times apply.

 Scroll down below for complete feature details.

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Warrior ‘Edge’ Hammock
 The Warrior Edge features a Unique new design for Hammock Camping . The cut helps to eliminate floppy edges that occur with wider fabrics. The Edge cut does away with excessive claustrophobic flapping fabric. (This cut is truly unique to the Edge Hammock).   The ‘Edge’ gives you a wider hammock on the diagonal but not while sacrificing your view of the scenery.  This design allows for taller people to be more comfortable giving you more space at the foot end and a great view out of the sides.

Fabric is specially chosen for hammock (scroll down below for color pallet) use as are YKK zippers and strong internal components. The Warrior comes with underquilt hooks standard to help set up your UnderQuilt (or future UQ) and a Ridgeline Organizer with well thought out compartments to store some gear.

All hammocks are priced without a suspension.


  • Dimensions 11′ x 62″ (Finished) 
    • 63″ Raw Width
    • 1.55 oz, 1.2 oz fabrics are slightly narrower in width
  • Mesh:  Black NanoSeeUm Bug Mesh
    • .67oz /yd
    • .90oz/yd (bit tougher)
  • Ridgeline: 2.1mm dyneema 1000lb rating.
      • Helps you maintain a standard hang regardless of changes in tree distances
      • 3 colors – black, orange, lime green.
  • Weight: 62″- 21 oz, (will vary with fabric choice)
  • Zipper YKK only
    • #5 Zipper and sliders – more robust 
    • #3 Zipper and sliders – sturdy and shaves some weight
  • Asymmetrical lay -Most people are right lay (95%)
    • left lay : in relation to the ridgeline your head is to the right and the feet to the left of the RL
    • right lay : in relation to the ridgeline your head is to the left and the feet to the right of the RL

Hammock comes with the following:

  • Hammock, Double ended stuff sack & Ridgeline Organizer.

*****Original fabric width is 63 . After the shaping/cutting of the fabric that width is cut down eliminating the excess fabric. This does not however cut down on the diagonal length of the lay. It effectively gives you a ton of more leg room and eliminates weight from the removed fabric. 

Fabric – 

Ratings : Max rating is the rating the supplier has given the fabric. Comfort rating is the rating that LSoH has given the fabric before it seems to have a bit too much give to it.

  • The Warrior Edge is available in a few fabric choices:
    • Hexon Nylon 1.6oz/yd with a 6 grid hex ripstop. Durable yet feels soft to the touch (Has a cotton like feel to it)
      • Max weight limit 300lb, comfort rating 270lb
    • Flecktarn Camo which uses a standard nylon with a stronger yarn yielding a 2.2 oz/yd weight.
      • Flecktarn 2.2 – Firm feel with a 350lb weight limit, comfort rated at 300lb
    • Multicam 1.25oz/yd is a lightweight option. This fabric is for the lighter people who want something slightly wider than the UL Warrior provides. Smooth , glossy finish. 210lb weight limit
    • Olive Drab Green 1.35oz/yd Another option for the lighter people who want like a smooth silky feel. Width is a bit less at a raw 61″ (before hemming). 210lb weight limit
    • AOR2 Camo 1.55oz/yd Epsilon.
      • 62″ before hemming. 225lb weight limit

Added the LW fabrics to allow people to customize the hammock more with netting weights and Ridgelines.

 Suspension options: Easiest way to attach your hammock to the trees are cinch buckles. However there are other options offered

  • Cinch Buckles : 2 cinch buckles aka June Bugs – attached to the continuous loops with (2) 12′ straps
  • Strap Color (only applies when you purchase the Suspension) : Black, Purple, Olive Green, Lime/green apple

Explain the way your bugnet works on your hammocks:

  • The bugnet on the Warrior Hammocks are designed to allow you to have openings on both sides of the hammock. Using 4 sliders you can position them anywhere. This is extremely important because it allows you to reach out either side to adjust your underquilt, grab something off the ground or just get out on either side.  You can also open half the net, flip it over or unzip the bugnet so it’s hidden up in the foot peak area.  It doesn’t come completely off but instead is super easy to zip and unzip. You aren’t fighting with zipper sliders reattaching stuff.
  • In short it is retractable but can not totally remove it.

Custom product :Check out the current wait time in the menu
Material Colors:

-AOR2 1.55 Camo

Additional information

Dimensions 11 in

Hexon 1.6 Purple, Hexon 1.6 Moroccan Blue, Hexon 1.6 Forest Green, Flecktarn Camo 2.2, Multicam 1.25, Olive Drab Green 1.35, AOR2 1.55 Camo


Right (Head left, feet right), Left (Head Right, feet left)

Zipper Size

YKK #5, YKK #3

Ridgeline Color

Black, Orange, Lime Green

Bugnet weight

.67oz/yd, .90oz/yd


None, Cinch Buckle

Suspension webbing color

Black, Purple, Green Apple


  1. Mark

    In a word excellent , this is what comes to mind when I think of customer service and quality of the products. I ordered a warrior model and a tarp, James was very busy but went above and beyond to get me the goods for my Hammock meet-up.

    The setup was super easy and fast , the quality excellent. It was a baptism of fire on the first hang as we were hit by thunderstorms in NC , I stayed dry , warm and cozy. I slept like a baby and it was so comfortable my friends had to wake me in the morning. The snake skins came into their own when packing a wet tarp as the design allows water to escape . A big thank you and I had a great weekend.

    Mark Holden

  2. Benny V

    Hung my hammock from LSOH nice very nice. I was very impressed with the quality of the workmanship. Zippers nice. The ridgeline bag was a very nice touch. Even sent line for the hammock side pull outs. The lay was perfect hung it right the first time and that’s good for me. If you are one the fence and thinking about an upgrade check him out. Don’t let anyone fool you there is a difference in a custom made hammock and an off the shelf brand. How do I know you may ask? I have had both for what its worth. So if your thinking about it check out James Jackson

  3. Brian

    Everything about my LSOH Warrior Edge is top-notch. I’ve used it many times since purchasing, and it has held up well to the use.

    James has thought through all of the details, and designed an amazing hammock. We discussed fabrics and colours, and I couldn’t be happier with my Warrior Edge. One of my favourite features is the little loop built into the head-end of the continuous ridge line, used for anchoring my pillow! I also bought a TQ, UQ, and tarp, for a complete set. Couldn’t be happier with the products from LSOH!

  4. Paul W – Calgary

    I just received my 0 deg toaster down underquilt, underquilt protector and a “Warrior Edge” hammock from James over at Little Shop of Hammocks, and I am blown away, The craftsmanship is absolutely 1st class the attention to detail, the sewing, everything is outstanding. I don’t want to put pics up yet as this gear needs to be outside where pictures will do it justice. This was more just to say thanks to James. Great guy to deal with and always responded to any question I had ( very quickly ). I would certainly recommend you check out his web site http://www.littleshopofhammocks.com
    Paul W – Calgary

  5. Devin Vandebelt

    Devin Vandebelt
    Double Layer Edge (Dark olive/ Burnt orange inner)
    I sold my henessey for lsoh and I won’t be going back I love my new Hammock

  6. BrianJ (verified owner)

    James helped me through the fabric and design choices based from the other hammocks I have had. I liked the cut of the Edge due to the larger view window. Once ordered and received I was very impressed – stitching is incredible, fabric has a better than feel than expected and has become my go-to regardless of season. Later on I ordered an underquilt which is so much nicer than trying to fiddle with blankets and pads and too-short DIY attempts.
    Well done James – thanks.

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