Toaster Spectre Partial Underquilt


Toaster Down Spectre Under Quilts (Partial length)
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The Spectre underquilt uses 15D calendared fabric with a Durable Water Resistant Coating.
Shaped to give you coverage from shoulder to calf keeping you warm and saving on weight and bulk.
900 fp Canadian Hutterite White Goose Down 
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The PremiumToaster Spectre  Under Quilt 

The Premium series gives a choice of down fills (900 FP & 800FP) and a light weight fabric (15d) to help reduce your bulk and weight in your pack. Designed to cover you from shoulders to your calves.

**Partial Underquilts are made to be used in conjunction with an additional pad for under your calves/feet. Often hikers carry a sit-pad / foam pad, that is from their pack and serves as a multi-use item. This way a bit of weight can be saved as well as bulk. In the summer it is possible (depending on the temperature) to do away with a pad altogether.

To install the partial (55″ Length) UQ clip the provided s-biners to the end loops of the hammock. The shock cord length can be adjusted by tightening up the shock cord at the foot end (cord lock). The UQ can float free on the suspension length ways.

There are loops along the length /sides of the UQ to help secure the quilt to your hammock. Also included are two shock cord attachments to hook up to the foot and shoulder attachments of your hammock.

  • The Toaster Underquilt implements a closed baffle design. This means there are no gaps on the inside that could let down move chamber to chamber (unlike other vendor’s quilts). Also included is a draft collar at the foot end to aid in preventing cold air from coming in (on the full length only).
  • All of the quilts are overstuffed with 20% more down than standard. This helps in maintaining loft over time and helping in keeping down in place.
  • You can remove the suspension and use the quilt as a small down throw or add it to another Underquilt to boost the temperature rating of that quilt.


  • 900FP+/ 800FP Canadian Hutterite  WGD and WDD
    • 9 baffles lengthwise to keep the down where it should be.
  • If you are a cold sleeper consider adding a couple oz of overstuff to your quilt.
  • 4 corner suspension that is ‘Easily Removable’
    • Important feature so you can remove the suspension and then add the partial UQ as in inner layer to an existing full Underquilt to boost the temperature rating considerably!
  • Upgrade to a printed pattern/camo for 30$
  • Comes with a silnylon stuff sack.
    • Please store loosely (Pillow case etc.)
  • If you are wanting draft tubes at the foot and head end you can add them in the quilt extra menu

Finished weight using 900fp down: 10° -18.9oz, 20° -16.7oz, 30° -15oz

Toaster Down Underquilt Specs
Temp Rating 30°F / 0°C 20°F / -6°C 10°F / -11°C 0°F / -17°C
Loft (inches) 2.25″ 2.75″ 3.25″ 4″
Baffle height (inches) 1.5″ 2″ 2.5″ 3.25″
55″ x 44 Spectre Toaster UQ
down (oz)
800fp 8.3 oz 10 oz 12 oz
900fp 7.35 oz 9.4 oz 11.2oz
77″ x 44 Toaster UQ
down (oz)
800fp 11 oz 13.75 oz 16.35 oz 21.25 oz
900fp 10 oz 12.50 oz 15 oz 18.50 oz

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The Video Section of the Media Menu has more setup videos of the Underquilts

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30*F/0*C, 20*F/-7*C, 10°F/ -12°C

Inner Color

Dark Olive, Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue, Purple, Burnt Orange, Lime, Brick Red, Black

Outer Color

Dark Olive, Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue, Purple, Burnt Orange, Lime, Brick Red, Black


900FP, 800FP


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