Alpha Direct Top Quilt


Alpha Direct Top Quilt 

Summer Quilt to be used on it’s own and as a synthetic over quilt to be used on top of a down topquilt.
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Alpha Direct Top Quilt 

  • Made as:
    • Summer Quilt to be used on it’s own
    • A synthetic over quilt to be used on top of a down topquilt which allows moisture to be captured in the synthetic insulation rather than your down layer.
  • 2 types of Alpha Direct insulation
    • Lighter AD 90
    • Slightly Heavier (and warmer AD120)
  • 2 Colors
    • Alpha Direct 90 is a light blue teal
    • Alpha Direct 120 is a light grey
  • Opens up flat as a blanket.
  • Zipper creates a foot box with a cinch bottom.
  • Cinch at the top with a neck clip.
  • Dimensions
    • Length 85″ Long with slight taper
    • Width approximately 56″-57″ depending on fabric width.
    • A slightly oversize accommodates stacking quilts on top of another.

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AD90 -blue, AD120-grey

Outer Color Material

.67 10D Dark Olive, .67 10D Moroccan Blue, .67 10D Black, .70 10D Purple, .70 10D Burnt Orange, .70 10D Dark Olive, .70 10D Forest Green, .70 10D Moss Green, .90 15D Blaze Orange, .90 15D Lime Green, .90 15D Yellow, .90 15D Brilliant Blue


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