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Quilt additions:

  1. Fabric Denier Change (both layer changes)
    • from 15d to 10d
    • 10d Colors available: Dark Olive, Dark Charcoal Grey, Burnt Orange, Crimson Red, Brick Red, Moroccan Blue, and Purple.
    • 15$
  2. Head end Underquilt draft tube
    • (There is one on the foot end of 0/10/20&30° UQ’s standard)
    • 20.00
  3. Draft Tube for Topquilts top
    • 25.00
  4. Draft Tube for Topquilts Bottom/foot end
    •  25.00
  5. Spectre Partial UQ Foot end Draft Tube / Head End (standard design):
    • For Partial Under Quilts
    • 20.00
  6. Pad Straps (x 1)
    • shock cord with rubber attachments for the loops on your TopQuilt
    • 3.50 each


Additional information


Fabric layer 15d to 10d, Pad Straps, TopQuilt Head End Draft Tube, Topquilt Foot End Draft Tube, UQ Head End Draft Tube, Spectre UQ Foot End Draft Tube


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