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Quilt additions:

  1. Printed Patterns for Outer layer of TopQuilts and UnderQuilts.
    *Please note this is an upgrade from the Premium A90/15d fabric, not the 20d fabric.

    • 15d fabric
    • Boreal Camo
    • Winter Flecktarn Camo
    • Standard Flecktarn Camo
  2. Head end Underquilt draft tube or for a Draft Tube at the head end of your TopQuilt:
    • (There is one on the foot end of 0/10/20&30° UQ’s standard)
    • 15.00
  3. Z-Quilt Extreme Mod:
    • Builds a draft tube into the top chamber of the topquilt.
    • Closed baffle design.
    • Snugs up around the neck nicely
    • 39.99
  4. Foot end Draft Tube / Head End:
    • For Partial Under Quilts
    • 15.00
  5. Extra Side channel loops:
    • (Comes with 3 per side, adding this feature will put 5 per side)
    • 3.50
  6. Pad Straps (x 1)
    • shock cord with rubber attachments for the loops on your TopQuilt
    • 3.50 each


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Pad Straps, Head End Draft Tube – Topquilt, Z-Quilt Extreme Mod, Head End Draft Tube – UnderQuilt, Foot End Draft Tube – Underquilt, UQ – Extra loops, Quilt – Flecktarn Winter Camo upgrade, Quilt – Flecktarn Standard Camo upgrade, Quilt – Boreal Privacy Camo Upgrade


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