Camo / Patterns Fabric Upgrade for Quilts


Camo / Pattern Fabric Upgrade

See description below for all details on available prints.

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Camo Pattern Upgrade

There are a few options in Camo and Prints which entails changing the outer fabric of your quilt.
All new prints will be utilizing Print2Fabric. A great print which shows, since it is printed on Nylon fabric (most other shops will only print on Polyester as a standard). This fabric creates an amazing handfeel for quilts.

    1. Flecktarn Standard Camo – Woodland
      • 15D (.90 oz/yd) Nylon
      • light greens, olives and browns which blend in nicely for Boreal , Evergreen forests as well as some of the more muted grassland colors.
    2. Flecktarn Forest (More traditional Flecktarn Color Pattern).  
      • Out of Stock – 15D Ripstop nylon printed pattern (. oz/yd)
        • A bit more deeper evergreen tones and darker than the standard Flecktarn.

    3. Tropentarn Camo
      • 15D Ripstop Calendared Nylon printed pattern (.90 oz/yd)
    4. Winter Flecktarn Camo 
      • 15D Ripstop Calendared Nylon (.90 oz/yd)
    5. Virtus Camo Tariis
      • 15D (.90 oz/yd) Ripstop Calendared Nylon
      • Forest Camo
    6. Virtus Camo Ekho
      • 15D (.90 oz/yd) Ripstop Calendared Nylon
      • Dark /Shadows Camo
      • (close up of the pattern)
    7. ATAC-S FGx 
      • 15D (.90 oz/yd) Ripstop Calendared Nylon
        • More greens
    8. ATAC-S IX 
      • 15D (.90 oz/yd) Ripstop Calendared Nylon
    9. Buffalo Plaid
      • 15D (.90 oz/yd) Ripstop Calendared Nylon

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Flecktarn Standard Camo, Winter Flecktarn, Tropentarn Camo, Virtus Tariis, Virtus Ekho, Buffalo Plaid, ATACS-FGx, ATACS-IX


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