Ready to Ship Gear


This is where the premade Gear can be found.
Items such as tarps and accessories like UQPs
Each Item will have noted lead times – please check carefully
Scroll down below for the details and the gear and check back regularly to see what’s ready to head out the door.





  • Sold Out Seconds – Razor Hex 11.5′
  • 11.5 long (ridgeline)
  • Some needle holes along one side. Sealed with silicone.
  • 1.3 oz silpoly material
  • Hex shape
  • 1 pull out on each panel (mid panel)
  • Brilliant Blue
  • Has not been seam sealed. Use a silicone sealant.
  • 149.99



Sold out – BAT 11.5 Winter Tarp

  • 1.3 Silpoly Wide material
  • 11.5′ wide, 11.5′ ridgeline plus doors
  • Winter Door tarp.
  • 2 pull outs on each side panel
  • Brilliant Blue
  • Has not been seam sealed. If you choose to use a silicone sealant on the inner/under side. (If you suspect lots of rain, otherwise in snow and cold it should not need to be sealed)
  • 239.99


-Images used are the item in a different color.