Special 20°F Toaster Premium Down Under Quilts

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Special – 20°F/-7°C Premium Ultralight Toaster Down Under Quilts
For a limited time only

Dark Olive Outer with a Blaze Orange Inner
Take the next step in comfort and warmth for your backcountry hammock sleep system. Designed to be lighter with Premium Canadian Down and pack smaller than generic economy quilts using premium materials and insulation. Designed to fit snug under your hammock keeping you warm and toasty. The Toaster Underquilts will work with all ‘gathered end’ hammocks on the market. 
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Premium Toaster Under Quilts

Toaster Underquilts are designed and made in Canada.
Down used in all Little Shop of Hammocks quilts in sourced, produced and purchased in Canada.  It is ethically sourced as well. To reiterate, none of the down is from China nor is it bleached. This means the down is a higher grade / quality than what you may find in other cheaper quilts. We try and keep our dollars in Canada to support local.

The Toaster UQ is designed to keep you warm in the outdoors.  This allows you to ditch your sleeping pad and sleep in your hammock with ease and comfort on a diagonal lay within your hammock.  UQ’s are easily ‘vented’ by adjusting the end cinch cords (tighter or looser), this allows you to use a -7°C UQ in the summer and ultimately makes your sleep system more versatile and useful throughout the year.

To install simply clip the provided S-biners onto the end loops of your hammock and adjust the height using the line locs (cinches up shock cord) on the corners of the quilt. From there simply cinch up the end channels to prevent air movement. There are adjustments that allow you adjust the Toaster Underquilt to any gathered end hammock.  Watch the video at the bottom of the page to help you with setup.

Fits all asymmetrical and symmetrical hammocks – The only exclusion would be the bottom entry HH. Customers have made it work but it’s difficult for new users. When fitting to an asymmetrical hammock remember your UQ is narrower than your hammock so don’t attach to 4 points of the tieouts. As you shift you could damage your UQ. (This is standard for any UQ on the market) Best performance from an UQ will be when you pick a preferred lay and adjust your UQ to that lay (right or left lay)

  • The Toaster Underquilt implements a closed baffle design. This means there are no gaps on the inside that could let down move chamber to chamber.
    • 10 lengthwise Closed Baffle Chambers.  Increased differential to help with setup.
  •  All of the quilts are overstuffed with 130% of required down (Means you get some overstuff beyond the minimum). This helps in maintaining loft over time and helping in keeping down in place when your in the hammock.
  • 3 loops per side (lengthwise) to help you attach the underquilt to various brands/ makes of hammocks (attachments not included)
  • Suspension is a 4 corner plus 1 attachment system.  Adjust the 4 corners positioning allowing for a slight gap between your butt and the inside of the UQ. Don’t overtighten.
    Includes stuff Sack and storage bag

    • Please store loosely when not in use

Features / Options:

  1. Temperature Ratings :
    • You can use warm quilts in hot temps by loosening shock cords on the ends. Versatility is key!
    • The ratings are a general comfort rating for the average person.
    •  20°F / -7°C
  2. Color  / Fabric:
    • 15D Inner and 15D Outer Ripstop Nylon.
    • Dark Olive with a Blaze Orange Inner
  3. Down Fill – 
    • 850+ Fill Power Canadian SupremeLoft Down (WDD)
  4. Length / Dimensions – Underquilts generally fit so that they insulate just past the shoulders/head and down over the feet. Good to know information on length is the longer you go the more finicky setting up the quilt may be trying to get rid of air pockets. Keep this in mind for your selection.
    • Regular length is 78” fits most head to feet
    • Width is 44″ at the head through the middle. Width narrows slightly near the knees (to the foot end) to aid in setup and reduce air pockets.
    • When measuring pull out the quilt a bit, the shock cords can bring the ends in.
  • All Underquilts come with 2 draft tubes standard (foot and head end)
  • Colour: 15D & 10D
    • Dark Olive 15D Outer with a Blaze Orange 15D (.9oz/yd) Inner


Toaster Down Underquilt Specs
Temp Rating 20°F/-7°C
Loft (inches) 2.5″
78″ x 44″ Toaster UQ (Reg)
down (oz)
850fp 13.52 oz

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Hammock to Underquilt Tips (in addition to the other video)



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