Toaster Extreme Winter Down Under Quilts


The Extreme Winter Series of Toaster Under Quilts is designed to be used in the Canadian Winter Months.
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The Extreme Winter Series of Toaster Under Quilts is designed to be used in the Canadian Winter Months.

*Please note that you, the user needs to be familiar with cold weather camping and the Extreme Winter Toaster UQ is part 1 of your overall winter camping/sleeping kit. Extreme cold weather has it’s own natural hazards, please be aware.

The Toaster Extreme series uses a 15D/20D fabric which gives excellent wind resistance for your quilts and can handle the cold weather. There are two  Canadian Produced and Sourced High Fill Power down options (see Down options below for details)

 To install simply clip the provided S-biners onto the end loops of your hammock and adjust the height using the line locs on the corners of the quilt. From there simply cinch up the end channels to prevent air movement.

  • The Toaster Underquilt implements a closed baffle design. This means there are no gaps on the inside that could let down move chamber to chamber
  •  All of the quilts are overstuffed with 35% more down to help with loft during the cold where you may have some frost build up. This helps in maintaining loft over time and helping in keeping down in place when your in the hammock.
  • 5 loops per side (lengthwise) to help you attach the underquilt to various brands/ makes of hammocks (attachments not included)
  • Includes stuff Sack and storage bag
  • Both Head and Foot Draft Baffles are standard on these Underquilts
  • Comes with a silnylon stuff sack.
    • Please store loosely when not in use (Pillow case or laundry bag – etc.)
    • Does include a storage bag
  • In the winter it is a good idea to use an Under Quilt Protector and a proper tarp to protect from the wind. The UQP can help prevent frost from building up inside your UQ and instead within the UQP.

Features / Options:

  1. Temperature Ratings :
    • The ratings are a general comfort rating for the average person wearing a good base layer / fleece as well as other cold weather sleep system.
    • -17°C / 0°F : 20.75oz of down (more overstuff than standard 0°F UQ)
    • -25°C / -13°F : 25oz of down
    • -32°C / -31°F : 30oz of down
  2. Color Choices / Fabric: (to see individual colors scroll down)
    • 15D and 20D fabric available in a number of color choices
    • The 20D fabric is a bit more airtight so it will take a bit more time to loft up. If you are considering using both sides 20D, this will be a factor. The quilt is properly stuffed, just takes a bit more time to loft. Perhaps consider using only one side 20D
  3. Leg insulator
    • *Attachment points for these insulator pads will be sewn into the Winter quilts so you can order a pad later or try and DIY one on your own.
    • 3D insulation that attaches to the UQ near the legs to prevent air from entering and fills the gap that a difficult hang might encounter. It can be attached on either side for left lay or right lay users. It can be removed and left at home if it’s not needed for a particular outing. Filled with high power down, color matched to your inner quilt.
  4. Fill Power Choice (Only available in 2 choices)
    • 825+ Fill Power Grey Canada Goose Down (GGD)
      • Takes up less space than the 800fp and packs a bit smaller.
    • 800+ Fill Power Canadian SupremeLoft Down (WDD)
      • standard fill in the industry
  5. Length / Dimensions
    • Length is 77″ 
    • Width is 44″
    • -25° / 13°F with leg insulator weighs 37.2 oz/1054g (not including stuff sack [weighs .8oz/24g])
  • Underquilt Extra Options 
    • Printed patterns are available including the Winter Flecktarn and others here
    • Down Overstuff is always a good idea if you expect to be out for longer outings.
      • Helps you to maintain your loft.
      • Found here Over stuff down will be the same as original quilt down. 800fp in 800fp quilt for example.

Leg Insulator: 

FAQ: What makes these different than the other Toaster UQ’s?
The Extreme Winter series has a second draft collar, attachment points for the insulator and generally a bit more down than you would expect from an equivalent from a competitor. It’s not all overstuff, it’s larger baffling as well to get these ratings up. So for example the 0°F Extreme winter UQ (which is listed in both UQ selections) has more down, a second draft tube baffle, and the attachment points for the Cold Butt Syndrome Insulated Pad.

Colours: 15D




Toaster Down Underquilt Specs
Temp Rating -17°C / 0°F -25°C / -13°F -32°C / -25°F
Loft (inches) 4″ 4.25″ 5″
77″ x 44 Toaster UQ
down (oz)
800fp Cdn Supreme Loft 20.75 oz 25.15 oz 30 oz
825fp Cdn Grey Goose 20.6 oz 25 oz 29.7 oz

Hammock to Underquilt Tips (in addition to the other video)Custom product :Check out the current wait time in the menu
The Video Section of the Media Menu has more setup videos of the Underquilts


Additional information


-17°C/0°F, -25°C/-13°F, -32°C/-25°F

Down Fill Power

825FP GGD, 800FP WDD

Inner Color

Charcoal Grey 15D, Purple 15D, Lime 15D, Yellow 15D, Brilliant Blue 15D, Forest Green 15D, Moroccan Blue 15D, Black 15D, Blaze Orange 15D, Dark Olive 15D, Racing Red 20D, Blaze Yellow 20D, Moss Green 10D, Burnt Orange 10D, Forest Green 10D, Purple 10D, Crimson Red 10D, Moroccan Blue 10D, Dark Olive 10D

Outer Color

Charcoal Grey 15D, Purple 15D, Lime 15D, Black 15D, Yellow 15D, Brilliant Blue 15D, Forest Green 15D, Moroccan Blue 15D, Blaze Orange 15D, Dark Olive 15D, Racing Red 20D, Blaze Yellow 20D

Leg Insulator

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