Top Cover – Hammock


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Top Covers
Clips on to your hammock and helps secure your underquilt in place. No zippers no fuss.

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Top Cover

  • Top covers help to protect the inside of your hammock from the wind and cold.
  • Made of calendared, DWR fabric the same as your quilts.
  • Designed to assist your underquilt, in fact this TC works best when used in conjunction with an UQ.
  • No zippers, no fuss and you can leave it at home when you don’t need it.
  • There are intentional gaps along the edges where it meets up alongside the hammock. This will help to prevent condensation allowing some air movement. At times with super high humidity / breathing you may want to fold back parts of the TC to allow further ventilation.
  • Made to fit asymmetrical hammocks specifically the LSoH Warriors. (may fit others with slight modifications, as well as help them with attaching an Underquilt)

To use:

  • Attach the ends of the TC to the peaks/ends of the hammock (continuous loops)
  • Attach the hooks to the shock cord of your underquilt.
  • Attach the diagonal corners to the pull out section on your hammock. This is done by clipping into the zipper pull (not the zipper slider itself).
  • This will allow you to zip and unzip the hammock mesh and the TC will move at the same time allowing you entry and exit.

10D (.67 oz / yd) Variety of Colors available

  • 2.5 oz in weight

15D (.90 oz/yd) Variety of Colors available

  • approx 3.5 oz in weight

Printed 15D Patterns. 

  • approx 4 oz.
  • Winter Flecktarn may be slightly less breathable than 15D colors.

30D (1.3oz /yd) Digital Camo Grey

  • Extremely breathable. Non Calendared.
  • 4 oz
  • listed with 15D offerings

Colours: 15D

Brilliant Blue
Brick Red
Burnt Orange
Charcoal Grey
Lime Green
Moroccan Blue
Dark Olive 
Forest Green


Custom product : 1.5 week turn around time

Additional information

Hammock Width

60/61", 64"

Hammock Lay

Right Lay, Left Lay

15D Fabric

N/A, Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue, Burnt Orange, Black, Brick Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Forest Green, Dark Olive

10D Fabric

N/A, Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Blue, Burnt Orange, Black, Brick Red, Purple, Dark Olive, Forest Green

30D Fabric

N/A, Digital Camo 1.3

Printed Pattern

N/A, unsure yet what to put here