Special Serratus Premium Down TopQuilt 20°F


Special – Premium Ultralight Serratus TopQuilt.
20°F Moss Green Outer with a Dark Olive Inner in 10D

Take the next step in comfort and warmth for your backcountry hammock sleep system. Designed to be lighter with Premium Canadian Down and pack smaller than generic economy quilts using premium materials and insulation.
Picture shows color, baffle system is the newer updated style.
All items are custom order and lead times apply.

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**20°F / -7°C**
The Premium Toaster Serratus series of quilts 

Special Version has a set Color Combination and lower pricing. Same updated design and insulation.

  • Fabric:
  • 10D (.7oz/yd) fabric – Moss outer with Dark Olive Inner (.67oz/yd)
  •  Excellent calendared fabric with great DWR Coating (DWR – durable water resistant)
  •  Lightweight and compressible.

The Serratus Top quilt is designed to keep you warm and toasty while using a sleeping pad in your tent or while sleeping in a hammock.
Topquilts are made to save weight and bulk as compared to a normal sleeping bag. This is done by removing the zipper and material that is normally below your body and using the sleeping pad as your insulating barrier. In a hammock the Underquilt provides your insulation below you.

The design of the Serratus uses vertical box baffles combined with a horizontal baffle at the foot. Inside each baffle there is a ‘baffle gate’ system to help prevent movement of down while you are sleeping while still allowing you to move down to spots that you would like warmer or cooler. There is a cinch cord at the foot end and top.  These allow you to control air movement effectively ‘venting’ hot air in different temperatures.  This makes it easier to use a warm quilt in warm temperatures creating a more versatile quilt for your hiking and camping needs.

At the foot end there is an integrated insulated plug for completely closing off the footbox end without overtightening it.  In a situation where you would prefer a blanket rather than a bag, you can completely open up the quilt (unzipping the footbox – 20″ zipper at foot) and uncinch the bottom to allow a nice area blanket.

The Serratus comes with one pad strap (more can be purchased if desired), a storage bag to allow the quilt to stay lofted up during storage and a stuff sack.

Down used in all Little Shop of Hammocks quilts in sourced, produced and purchased in Canada.  It is ethically sourced as well. To reiterate, none of the down is from China nor is it bleached. This means the down is a higher grade / quality than what you may find in other cheaper quilts. We try and keep our dollars in Canada to support local.


  • Stuff Sack and storage bag (for when not in use)
  • One pad strap (2 sets of pad strap clips are on each quilt which allows you to have up to two straps per system)
  • All have a Cinch bottom foot box with zipper.
  • #3 YKK  zipper to create the footbox.
  • Offset neck cinch cord.


  1. Temperature (ratings are based on loft / baffle filled with down to achieve a desired temperature range)
    • 20°F (-7°C)
  2. Length 
      • The quilts are designed to pull up to your chin. If you wish to cover your head pick the next longer quilt.
      • If you are on the edge of the height, move around a lot when sleeping, pick the next longer quilt
      • these recommendations are max height
    • Short (69″/175cm) Fits people up to approx. 5’6″ cinched up
      • 20°F – Finished Length 69″x54″ (137 cm at head) as a flat quilt
      • In footbox mode the length shortens roughly 5″/6″ more (63″)
      • *used to be listed as 75″
    • Regular (74″/188cm) Fits people  up to approx. 5’9/5’10” cinched up
      • 20° Finished Length 74″x54″ (137 cm at head) as a flat blanket
      • In footbox mode the length shortens roughly 5″/6″ more (68″)
      • *used to be listed as 80″
    • Tall (79″/200.5cm) Fits people approx up to 6’3″ cinched up
      • 20°F Finished Width 79″x54″(137 cm at head) as a flat blanket
      • In footbox mode the length shortens 5″/6″ more (73/74″)
      • *used to be listed as 85″
  1. Width 55″(Finished width) (138cm)
  2. Taper 
    • Partial Taper: (Standard) Full width for 19″ (approx) then tapers inwards towards the bottom (6″ from each inner edge). Increases volume area in the body of the quilt.
  3. Down Fill – Premium Canadian Sourced  Canadian Hutterite White Down
    • 850+ Fill Power Canadian White Duck Down (WDD)
    • White down brightens the fabric, of the quilt.
  4. Neck Draft Collar – optional
    • A small draft collar to keep heat from escaping from around the neck. Handy on those colder nights.
    • With warmer weather quilts it might be overkill and harder to vent.
    • Will add an 1-1.5 oz to final weight
  5. Loops / clips (2)
    • All quilts come with pad attachment clips (2) plus one strap. If you do not want the option deselect it.
    • You can another strap in the Quilt Options Menu
    • Clips attach to corresponding clips on the elastic cord around the pad.
  6. FootBox 
    • Zipper / cinch
      • Allows you to open up the quilt totally like a blanket.
      • Easy venting and drying.
      • Zipper is approximately 20-22″ in Length
  7. Fabric
    • 10D – Moss outer with a choice of Black Taffeta, or Dark Olive Inner (inner .67oz/yd).
      • 10D .67 Inner fabric. Black taffeta will be closer to a Dark Charcoal color
    •  Excellent calendared fabric with great DWR Coating (DWR – durable water resistant)
    •  Lightweight and compressible.

Colours: 10D


Temp_Rating 32°F / 0°C 20°F / -7°C
Loft_minimum_(inches) _2.1″/5.33cm _2.5″/6.35cm

Topquilt Fill 

Serratus_Topquilt 850FP WDD
20°F (-7°C) 55″W
69″ Length 175 cm 16.65 oz
74″ Length  188 cm 17.45 oz
79″ Length  200.5 cm 18.65 oz
84″ 19.75 oz


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69", 74", 79"

Neck Baffle

No, Yes (20$)


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