Projects – DIY

Underquilt Protector

Materials :
113″ – 10D or 15D Calendared material
84″ – 3/32″ Shock Cord
Approx 180″ of light cordage (1.3-1.7mm)
4 Cord locks
4 Beads
2 S-biners

Pictures Coming soon!
Step 1: Roll hem all 4 sides of the 113″ rectangle.
Step 2: Fold the hem on the short sides and sew it down to provide/create a channel approximately 1″ (This is for the shock cord to go through to create the end loops)
Step 3: Mark the center of both long sides along the edge (at the center) on the inside of the fabric with a piece of chalk
Step 4: Along the long side. – Starting 8″ from the end you will be sewing, fold the edge over (on the inner shiny side of the fabric) and sew it so you have a 1/2 channel (in the fold). Sew till you hit the center mark (that you made with chalk) and lock your seam. Leave a 1/2″ gap then start sewing again till you reach approx 8″ from the end. Repeat for the other long edge of the material.
Step 5: Feed cordage from one end to the center. Put your line through the Cord Lock , through the bead and then back into the cord lock. (this will allow you to adjust the side tension of your UQP). Then feed the line through the channel to the other end of the long side. Even the cordage up and sew/lock the line to the beginning and end of the channel. Repeat for the other side.
Step 6: Cut your shock cord in half, and using the same technique as you just did in step 5 with the cord lock, install the cord lock and bead onto the shock cord. Then feed one end through the end channel of the UQP you have sewn. Then tie the ends of the shock cord together. Feed the knot you made into the middle of the end channel so it’s nicely hidden. Repeat on the other end.