Rope : Dyneema, Amsteel & Guyline Rope


Amsteel ,Dyneema and Guyline Rope sold in 25 foot increments for all your outdoor projects.
Any multiples will be a continuous length.
See Below for more details

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Sold in 25 ft increments. Excellent for suspensions, ridgelines, continuous loops, bear bag hang sets and …. ?

All are hollow braided and can be spliced.

Amsteel 7/64 (2.77mm) Rope -UHMwPE

  • Suspensions, whoopie slings, continuous loops, ridgelines etc.
  • 1600lb break strength
    • Black
    • Grey/Silver

Dyneema 2.2 Rope (Great for hammock ridgelines and places where extra strength would be great) -UHMwPE

  • BubbleGum Pink – 1000lb Break Strength
  • Burnt Orange – 1000lb break strength
  • Can also be used for continuous loops and suspensions if your under 255lbs

Fling It – Atlantic Braids 1.8mm UHMWPE / Dyneema (Hammock tie outs and ridgelines / general use)

  •    Lime green (brighter) – 500lb

Dyneema 2.1 mm UHMWPE

  • Black – 975lb
  • 16 weave
  • Continuous loops, Hammock Ridgelines and UL suspensions

Technora 1.7 mm 

  • Black – 400lb
  • very resistant to heat and abuse.
  • Great for Continuous Ridgelines for tarps and general cordage.
  • Not slippery.

Black Dacron 2.2 mm

  • great for cinch cords /drawstrings
  • low stretch
  • 250lb

Black Dacron 1.7 mm

  • very water proof
  • 100lb
  • for pull outs on tarps and small drawstrings.
  • Low stretch

GuyLine Hanks 2 mm

  • White with green/black flecks
  • 2 mm 300 dacron braid
  • low stretch, color fast
  • Great for tarps, clotheslines and guylines

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Amsteel 7/64 Grey, Amsteel 7/64 Black, Fling-it 1.8 Lime Green, Dyneema Black 2.1, Guyline 2mm Dacron, Pink Dyneema 2.2, Burnt Orange Dyneema 2.2, Technora 1.7, Dacron black 1.7, Dacron black 2.2


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